Sewing with Stitcher – One Stitch at a Time


girl sewing



Offering private or group classes in your own home has been a hit in 2016 and something I will continue into 2017!  Students are of all ages (youngest being 8), abilities, and interests.  Some take limited lessons to complete one specific project; others take weekly lessons or twice a month.  I am flexible in scheduling and would love to hear from you if I can be of service.

My fee for each meeting is $25 for two hours.  Additional hours are charged at $10 per hour or any portion thereof.  Non-profit organizations may call me for discounted rates. 

On a limited basis, I do have sewing machines you may use for classes.  It is always advisable to use your own machine if you have one so you become comfortable with the settings and capabilities of the machine you will be using when I am not there.  Sometimes people do not want to make the investment in a machine until they determine if sewing is something they truly want to pursue.  In situations like that, I encourage you to use my machines.  

To get started, all it takes is a quick call/text or email to me!  Information for reaching me is found under contacts at the left.