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By Stitcher, aka Paula

A Bit About Stitcher

Welcome to my website!  I’m known as Stitcher, as well as Paula.  I am a mother of five amazing adult children and four wonderful grandkids.  I live in Western Washington where I enjoy a perfect view of Mount Rainier when “it is out”, a common phrase for the locals referring to when the mountain is visible.

My website began a few years ago when I observed a whole generation missed out learning this art form when schools cut back on a number of classes offered.  The first wave of these students are now parents with young girls who want to learn to sew and the parents are at a loss how to help them.  To fill that need, I started my sewing school, teaching girls to senior citizens and ages in-between.

My blog evolved to get the information to those who could not physically attend my classes.  My new approach to the education blogs will be sequential to help the beginner, detailed enough to provide or confirm information for the experienced, and supportive with encouragement to ask questions via the comment section.  This will be a new way of teaching for me.  I am excited!

On Stitcher Blogs I will share my week with you, what I am doing, hopefully what I have completed or the progress I have made, and once in awhile some about my family.

The third part of this website is StitcherMade, my little retail outlet of things I have made.  I’m a “one of a kind” artist, so you will seldom see identical items listed.  Once in awhile, I might offer the same item in a different colorway.  Truly, I think there will be something for everyone. I will also explain in StitcherMade how I price my items.  Demystifying the process hopefully will clarify for you I am not drawing a price from a jar!

I’m designing quilt patterns, too, and you will find them in the store soon.  I also design and make very eccentric clothing out of unusual fabric combinations, such as vintage chenille and denim, or maybe vintage chintz drapery fabric – a fun way to add to your wardrobe!  I hope you find them charming.

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I look forward to having you become part of the extended Stitcher community!

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